Is the Cost of Your Technology Hurting Your Business? 

Over the years, we have found many businesses that were overspending on technology.  In many of these cases, their consulting firm or in-house technical team became enamored with a technical solution without examining the unintended consequences of the cost of that technology.  For some businesses, it was bringing them to the brink of going out of business.

Our cost versus benefit approach to technology avoids those unintended pitfalls.  We examine the 5 year costs of a technical solution.  For example, for a number of our clients we have examined the five year costs of their current Cloud solution versus purchasing their infrastructure in-house or at a local co-location facility.  And with a monthly increase in data in a Cloud environment, the invoice just continues to grow.

In a recent example, we have taken our client's $389k annual cost down to $18k per year with a $282k infrastructure investment.  And our solution provides more control over their infrastructure, data & security.  A conservative estimate, we will save our client approximately $1.6 million over 5 years.  Our client was so astounded by our analysis, we had to show them their Cloud invoice & prove the concept.  It's that dramatic.

Our CFO, Karen Bessette, will work closely with your CFO & in-house personnel - to deep dive into your invoices, your current IT environment, & other repetitive IT overhead including personnel costs.  With that information, we analyze alternatives with the goal of reducing your annual IT spend.  We then present the different solutions to your decision-makers.


Bottom line:  Our process can drastically reduce your overhead & increase your bottom line.

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