Build a Custom Private Cloud Environment

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A 5-7 Year Solution.

Migrating Clients from the Public to a Private Cloud.

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Empower users with anytime, anywhere access to their digital workspaces from any device...securely.


Looking Ahead in Our New Environment

Operating a successful business does not look the same as it once did.  With the evolution of technology & the advancement of mobile devices, the workplace is no longer confined to the office & the personal computer looks a lot different.


With all of these changes, organizations can centrally manage & upgrade their users' systems to be compatible with modern cloud applications, all while on a tight budget.  For these reasons and more, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has entered the market to help businesses deal with real-time business changes.


Build a Private Cloud

Retain Ownership of Your Hardware, Software & Data

Potentially Saving Millions


Enter Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Delivering Virtual Desktops & Applications via Your Private Cloud

inSync takes a cost versus benefit approach to technology.  We've seen DaaS & Cloud hosting fees start at $12k/month & increase to $35k-50k/month within years because of growth in data storage & users.  We can eliminate or drastically reduce that cost down to $1,450/month - the cost of a full rack in a colo facility.  The promise of the Cloud is mixed because of the over-the-top costs associated with it.

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A Five to Seven Year Solution

By building a cluster solution in a Private Cloud, your data can grow freely.  Yes, your business will have a capital outlay but that cost is within one year's hosting fees.  Years 2 through 5, your monthly outlay is $1,500/month for a full rack, the Co-location rent.  By purchasing a cluster solution, your business is on state-of-the-art hardware & has 24/7 redundancy similar to the Public Cloud.  In our solutions, one or two nodes can fail & your cluster solution continues to operate.  Your solution is monitored 24/7/365.

And, like the public Cloud, if your business grows more rapidly than the predictive model, your cluster solution can be expanded by increasing the storage or RAM, or even adding node(s).   And by hosting your cluster solution at a co-location facility, a hardened facility with redundant Internet, electricity...your business has the 24/7/365 uptime that the Public Cloud promises, but at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike the Private Cloud, the hardware your applications & data are hosted upon, is an unknown.  We had one client that was paying $8k/month for a server that was 8 years old, well beyond the useful life of the server.


In our world, the shareholders always appreciate a more profitable bottom line.


A Private Cloud Allows the Flexibility & Redundancy of the Public Cloud

At a Fraction of the Cost

4 Top Reasons for Your Business to Use DaaS

 Daas streamlines desktop deployment and accessibility no matter where in the world you are.

1. Cost Savings

DaaS runs on a variety of devices including thin client & Bring Your Own Device options. 

2. Faster and Easier Deployment

Our DaaS solution allows companies to  setup employees with the necessary rights & permissions in a matter of hours.  DaaS is a fully managed & secure solution that streamlines desktop deployment & accessibility no matter where in the world you are. 

3. Enables the Mobile Workforce

Remotely access the same desktops, documents and resources securely from the device of your choice.  With more companies shifting to the bring your own device model, it saves businesses on capital investment.  It also enables remote users to access information from anywhere, while standardizing performance, security and support.

4. Security Advantages

Our DaaS solutions offer enterprise level security to protect both company & client data against cyberattacks, breaches or catastrophic data loss.  DaaS allows businesses to deploy a consistent set of user protocols across all devices. 

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inSync provides customized solutions to specifically meet your current, & long-term, business objectives & budget.

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